Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Getting primed for the upcoming days of walking, and cleaning some of the ancient paths in the hills of Paros, near Lefkes.

Yesterday, the group, with two guides, was bussed into the hills and dropped off to walk one of the paths back into Lefkes. The day was a prelude about the flora and fauna that grow wild. There was a plethora of herbs, including thyme, oregano, and sage all along the paths. The scents were amazing.

As you can see, the paths wind along the hillsides. Dmitri, one of our guides, was quite an interesting character. I walked with him the entire way back into Lefkes (seen in the distance), and was regaled with my own personal history lesson. He is a municipal police office for the island during the day, but is an amateur actor/historian in his spare time. You'll notice we got so far behind that the group was no longer in sight. It didn't matter as I knew I'd catch up eventually as I was with someone who knew where he was.

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