Thursday, June 18, 2009

I decided to post multiple pics so we can get closer to the actual day we are here.

The man and the donkey are standing on a veranda to the entrance of Cathie and my favorite breakfast restaurant (so far). We've been ordering a bowl of fresh fruit, yoghurt, muesli, and honey with filtered coffee, which comes in a small coffee press. The man shows up daily, and one of the restaurant employees comes out and buys fresh tomatoes (which are huge!), fruit, and other veggies he sells. There are stairs that come up from the left and exit to the right, so the place sits up about 4 feet from the "street." Notice the sunken archway in front of the donkey. Stairs directly behind the man lead down to the "alley". The hotel where the students are staying is up that way about 100 yards.

The two pictures of the water and students are part of the morning tour. Notice the one that has Cathie, Bele, and Aran in the shade. Shade is a premium here, since the sun is pretty intense. The air is not humid, and there is usually a lot of wind that keeps it quite comfortable during the day. The evening cools down, and everyone seems to be sleeping just fine without air conditioning. I did buy a fan today though, to keep the air moving in our room.
One of the pics shows a view behind the town looking up into the hills. Paros is quite hilly, and we will be getting up close and personal next week when we begin the cleaning of the Byzantine era walking paths in the hills.
Finally, the pic with Aran shows the front of the hotel where the students and Susan and Bob are staying. I will take some of our place and get those posted here another time. Notice the narrow path. This leads directly to the place where the donkey and man were standing.

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