Monday, June 22, 2009

On Saurday, Bob and Susan rented a car and invited the four of us along for a trip into the hills of Paros. The car itself was not much bigger than a shoebox, but apparently was the largest available, seating 5 uncomfortably. However, there were 6 of us, so Cybele rode in the cargo area behind the back seat. I don't have access to those pics; they're on Cathie's laptop. We'll post those later. The car was not used to 6 passengers, so the suspension was not the best. Added to the rough ride, the tires were not much bigger than riding lawnmower tires! We were on a mission to find the "church in a cave," which was not on any map. Susan had a map that showed some roads to where they thought it might be, but it wasn't much good, so Bob picked various rocky paths to drive up the side of the hills until we found the place. The pics show how rugged the terrain was.

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