Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Inconsequential-but-cool-nonetheless-Tom Hanks-in-Parikia-sighting yesterday. Attsa right. Tom Hanks was in a car pulling out of a parking spot just as Cathie, Cybele, Susan, a couple student and I were walking past. No one noticed him but me, and that was by accident. I heard the car start as I walked by, glanced over. His wife and son were with him. He had a ball cap on and sunglasses, but looked as normal as anyone. We were nonchalant about it, didn't yell out or say anything to respect his privacy. Susan said that he bought a house over in Antiparos, the next island to the southwest, a short ferry ride and that they love coming to Paros and Parikia. We had heard from a reliable source that he was in town. Tom actually participated in a dig with Susan's husband Bob a few years ago on Antiparos while vacationing after filming The DaVinci Code.

As Curly of the 3 Stooges so aptly put it, woobwoobwoob!

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