Friday, June 19, 2009

Here is a nice description by Cathie.

The article features the cleaning of the walking paths in the hills of Paros (and it is quite hilly!). This past Wednesday and today (Friday), we spent 4 hours each morning picking up trash along the coastlines of two of the beaches on the island. On Wed., we were taxied over to the other side of the Parikia harbor and worked our way back to town. One of the local environmentalists was our guide. I don't have pics uploaded yet with the past two days' work cleaning the beaches of trash, but will do so soon. It has been a wonderful experience. My interest in cultural anthropology has expanded googleplex fold :-).

We're off to a late dinner (it's 10:30 pm), but that's okay. People are chillin', there's a live band on the square, and ouzo awaits.

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