Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I forgot to add this picture to the earlier post. Cathie thought maybe that I'd been stuck with Dmitri with no hope of escaping, so she walked slowly enough so we caught up. He was very opinionated about politics, WW II and the Greeks, the environment, etc, but I found it all very fascinating. In fact, I did manage to use my iPhone and record a lot of his stories and facts related to what he knew of the history of the area. When I told her I was fine, she moved ahead to catch up with the group, which included Cybele and Aran. They, by the way, were great about keeping up and staying interested. I think they had a good time. We were all pretty exhausted upon arriving into Lefkes. The paths were pretty rugged.

One of the history lessons I learned from Dmitri related to how old the walls along the paths were. Many of the stones were black, and he said they were the real ancient stones, dating back almost 20 centuries--2000 years ago. We were walking on paths that old. Isn't that awesome?

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